How Much Tea Lie Down, Nest and Withings The Know and Put in Place The Heating for a Better Night’s Sleep

Withings, which has its Aura system to quantify and improve the sleep of the users, not for trying to improve your product. The latest has been a collaboration with Nest, which is now one of the partners of the company in its services.

The Aura system has received an update to make it compatible with Nest and automate even more ideal conditions to optimize sleep. The piece that is placed under the mattress will detect the user and shall notify Nest that we are already prepared to sleep when 15 minutes. Which will make the thermostat then is to adjust the room temperature to 18-20 degrees recommended by the U.S. National Sleep Foundation as ideals. It may seem a low temperature during the day in winter but is more suitable for when we are in bed.

In the same way that Nest automatically adjust the temperature to the bed, the thermostat returns to the temperature that we had scheduled for the day just to get up. It will be paired with advanced alarm Withings Aura, that now, in addition to using light, sound, and a study of our habit of sleep, will be the temperature to get us or put us in bed in the best way.

The system has also thought about cases where there is more than one system Aura in bed or Nest devices. During Setup, you can tell (then you can change) what quantifier Aura is responsible for controlling the temperature of the room, as well as the thermostat we want to attend the directions of Aura. So far, if we wanted a similar integration had to resort to systems programmers as IF.