How a Camera Photo Gave Rise to The ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber

You will know it as a light Sabre, including laser sword or lightsaber, but aside from the names what it really is the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight, a symbol for the Galactic saga more known in the world of science fiction: Star Wars.

There are basically a handle which comes out a sheet of plasma energy, so far all good if we are talking about what you see in the film, another very different thing is how this gadget is created in the real world, and what are its origins.

An icon of the universe Star Wars which is really a piece of an old camera

The lightsaber Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, has a curious origin, was not created from scratch, from the drawing of a designer or a creative mind. It was a transformation of an already existing in a gadget of last element: an old camera.

One of those cameras reporter with the flash integrated on one side, but the integration of the time spent to create a handle to hold the illuminant. Because that ‘vintage’ mango is the beginning of everything: It is the grip of the weapon. I think that all this DigitalRev guys have it very well in its In-Focus:

Only the Blaster from Blade Runner has had one wholesale price at the market of collectors

In this great piece on video tell us that the Decorator Roger Christian It is responsible for finding the connection between the handle and the handle of that old camera flash, a Graflex of 1940. It was purchased in a small shop of photography in London’s West End.

Obviously there were important changes in order to create the lightsaber, but truly a camera that cost $15 It was the Foundation of everything. It is curious to see how the final weapon came to be valued at $250,000, which is what paid a Seattle Museum for her.

From the point of view of the collectors of cameras, this has meant a headache, since many of them have gone to eBay or similar sites, intending to get a good price and then be converted into sables laser as the Luke.