High-Quality Flashlights Should Be in Every Household

A survey of homeowners brought it currently literally to light: Often no flashlights are available or few people knew where the flashlight is or whether that is ever charged or the batteries still have power.
Something like this can be more than annoying if fails in a stormy night as the current or suspicious noises in the night quickly garden are. A flashlight creates safety here.
When eerie rustling in the pitch-dark garden you always know thanks to a handle prepare flashlight immediately what is going on.
Modern flashlights can even do a lot more than just light! NexTORCH is a manufacturer of particularly high quality, robust flashlights and even flashlights and headlamps on offer, which automatically can shine SOS: requiring only one button push on a NexTORCH flashlight and you can help by SOS signal over many kilometers away is requested, without phone or radio.
But the LED flashlights of NexTORCH can do even more! For emergencies, there are many models NexTORCH the “Defence Mode”-here it goes again to actuate the switch and even flashing the NexTORCH LED flashlights evildoers with up to 2600 lumens at. Criminals can be so excellent blinded and confused! The flashbulbs deters optimally and can thus provide the crucial advantages.
The NexTORCH these high-performance flashlights designed and produced is not a coincidence. Actually NexTORCH is the supplier of international military forces and police units. Here it comes to exceptional reliability and accurately delivers NexTORCH with each LED flashlight and each LED head lamp.
Housing made ​​of high-strength special aluminum from the aerospace industry include the reason why a NexTORCH flashlight is almost indestructible. Precision workmanship guarantees that NexTORCH LED flashlights are waterproof and shockproof. Best components can be a not left in the dark even in extreme situations. Heat, dust, frost, dirt-there is nothing that could harm a NexTORCH something. Numerous tests and successful operations under really tough conditions prove again and again.

For Germany NexTORCH now has a very special flashlight on offer: The Saint Torch 3. A masterpiece full of high-tech that is particularly robust. Just the basic terms of Super Flashlight enable those skilled in amazement: 2600 lumens-two expensive Xenon headlights on luxury sedans create together only about 3000 lumens.

Waterproof, shockproof and with a lot of special accessories, this flashlight is delivered. Who has this flashlight at home need to worry anymore, this flashlight is with the included charger always ready for use, if you want, the NexTORCH Saint Torch even in the car’s cigarette lighter to charge-A charger to be included for free!
The light beam reaches over 300 meters and is wonderfully bundled -the light of the Saint Torch 3 is highly visible from several kilometers. The built-in LEDs in the Saint Torch 3 hold 100,000 hours – so this lamp you can have in use for decades.