Helios, a Few LED Hex Touch Panels That Create Large Bright Surfaces

The LED lighting It has become a regular of our houses, offering not only light but also multiple possibilities of decoration. A few weeks ago we knew Nanoleaf, a set of triangular panels that we could assemble for giving colorful effects to our walls.

Today we bring you to HELIOS, a similar although smaller paneled concept, Hex (with a diagonal of 11 cm and a thickness of 1 cm) and only white, but with several interesting additions.

To begin with, we have the number of diapers that we can join together to form a luminous figure, which amounts to nothing less than 105 in each circuit, What offers us the ability to cover large surfaces. If we need more space we can unite several of these circuits, which increase considerably the possibilities.

But also the most interesting is that each independent panel has with capacitive sensors so we interact with him through gestures or by pressing it. So we can turn them or turn them off for example passing his hand over them. How are they attached? By means of a magnetic connectors you are responsible in addition to transmit electricity to the mesh.

Each Hexagon by itself only consumes 6.3 Watts and provides 400 lumens luminous power, equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent light bulb.

Price and availability

HELIOS is seeking funding on Kickstarter and they want to start distributing units in April 2017 at a price that part of the 61 dollars to 5 panels kit.