Headlamp-All About The Head Lamp

Headlamps you wear with an attachment on the head to keep your hands free while still light in the viewing direction. By mounting the headlamps at the top they are sometimes also called Headlights. Flashlight on the forehead are usually very light and small, to ensure the freedom of movement of the wearer.

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Areas of the headlamp

There are many sports where the headlamp is in the dark for use. These include climbing, scouting of cave systems, the less well-established Urban exploration, but also Nordic walking, skating, jogging or skiing at night. These activities free hands are a requirement, and thus the headlamp essential to ensure the safety, pull the this partially risky activities with them. By spot lighting in the direction where the head is turned, paths can be harnessed and assess potential threats.

Apart from the sporting aspect, there are also people who need the headlamp as an essential companion for work. These include workers in mining, construction sites and in workshops, where the light is only limited available.


  • Easy: Most headlights or Headlights are very light and thereby hardly sensible load.
  • Freedom of movement: All headlamps provide hands free and thus for greater freedom of movement.
  • Robust: As many Headlamps used are also used in activities where there could be shocks and damage, care is taken in the production of durable material and a good processing.
  • Slip: When jogging, inline skating, skiing or a non-slip headband in the jerky movements is indispensable.

Buy Headlamp: Questions That you Must ask in Advance

What purpose should have the headlamp?

The headlamp can be used for sports, but also for work. Depending on the sport or profession headlamp must have different properties.

Which headlight I need?

With a high pace in the sport, the headlamp should be lit very far. The more you see, the faster you can react to obstacles.

How Bright The Headlamp Must be lit?

As with the headlight, the luminous flux intensity should be correspondingly high at a high pace. The higher the lumens, the sooner brings the headlamp a bit day to night.

Must the case be particularly sturdy?

Who already expects a fall or would deal less carefully with his possessions, which should rely on a more robust model.

Should be only splashproof the headlamp, or be completely waterproof?

If you want to run in the rain, it is sufficient if they are splashproof. However, should the desire to give the headlamp to go into a lake, then that’s not enough anymore. Some headlamps are even functional at a depth of 2 meters.

LED Headlamp

Who puts on a very bright light value, while also looking to save energy, should refer to an LED headlamp. These have, on such other Headlamps also, many more great features, such as different levels of brightness or a tiltable lamp head.

Good LED headlamp

What shows me that it is a good LED headlamp?

Different illumination levels

It should more illuminations give as a Nahausleuchtung and the possibility of long-range illumination. This allows the headlamp for various purposes are. In one activity at a higher speed remote illumination makes sense and at a lower pace the Nahausleuchtung that ensures illumination of a larger radius.

Protection against wetness

The housing should be splash-proof and therefore a run in the rain to be easily.

High illumination range

The potential illumination range should be 100 meters, which allow most good LED Headlamps readily. However, this illumination range is not on walks in the dark required – here can be made to a model with a lower range.

low weight

As with the conventional headlamp to a low total weight (170 grams including the battery) should be taken as the head lamp can be bothersome otherwise.

Good grip

The headband should be comfortable to wear and feature a solid grip. We recommend the models Fenix ​​HP05 or Fenix ​​HL30, which guarantee a good grip with an additional cross belt.

What a red light LED headlamp?

The red filter LED headlamp provides a particularly good night vision because the red light supports the ability to adapt to different lighting conditions for the human eye.

Exactly when it makes sense to use a red light LED headlamp?

If you go skiing and at a sign, as a card is instructed. So it is possible that you look on the map briefly and then his path continues -at conventional LED headlamps requires the eye, however, a longer settling time for reading a map.

Outdoor Headlamp

How differ special outdoor Headlamps of conventional headlamps? An outdoor headlamp reflected in their robust housing and at a very good head band, which is responsible for the particular slip resistance. Some models have not only a simple head band but also a cross-belt which runs from the forehead to the back of the head – which leads to an even better grip. In addition to the maintenance should be paid to a high beam range, since it has often held a higher pace in outdoor activities. The headlight ensures the timely recognition of danger spots.

What to do when it rains?

Fortunately, most outdoor Headlamps are also waterproof and can be without problems in the pouring rain or snow pursue outdoor activities.

Running With Headlamp

Questions you should ask in advance:

  • Where I would like to go skiing? In the city or in parks usually already rich the existing light sources. The head lamp is therefore only interesting if one strays from a well-lit path or choose a rather dark path from the outset.
  • What problems related to the different ways together? Who is running in the dark on bike paths must itself make visible to others and should use a taillight.
  • How many lumens do I need in what way? Those who like to be in the woods or on deserted roads road, should make sure a lamp with many lumens (80-90 lumens) to use as well-it has a shadow-free light and detects obstacles such as roots or puddles, early.

Headlamp Bicycle

It is common that some incidents where cyclists escape with headlamp almost a collision with a car. Although a headlamp is a substitute for the bicycle lamp, but you should make sure that you will be also seen itself well. Therefore, one should not be dispensed with reflectors or a taillight. In terrain without more road users, but it is optimal. Headlamps illuminate the paths of good and obstacles should not be overlooked.

The Headlamps Species

Compact Headlamps

  • Lumens: 90 lumens
  • Headlight: low
  • Battery: commercially available batteries or batteries
  • Special features: very light and compact
  • Application: Walking in the dark, for reading, emergency lamp, etc.

Allround Headlamp

  • Lumen: 100 lumens
  • Headlight: at least 80 meters.
  • Battery: conventional batteries
  • Other Features: different levels of brightness
  • Application: mountaineering, hiking, jogging and much more.

High Performance Headlamps

  • Lumen: At least 300
  • Headlight: at least 100 meters.
  • Battery: High capacity battery
  • Other features: Different brightness levels and monitoring the battery
  • Application: Night runners, mountain rescue, etc.

The Light Source for Emergencies

Many outdoor athletes are sometime surprised by the dark and trying to guess without light the way back. This is a particularly dangerous task since obstacles are overlooked and some wandering is inevitable. For emergencies you should always have at hand a small and lightweight headlamp. She is no additional burden and brings a certain sense of security.

Good Headlamp will cost 30-350 euros

Depending on the application, there are headlights in different price categories.So cost very high quality halogen headlamps with many different features well over 150 euros, but a generally good LED headlamp is also available starting at 30 euros.

Headlamp For Children

Playing children can unleash their creativity and exactly also encourages children headlamp. With the headlamp to the child in the role of an agent, extreme mountaineer and adventurer and lights for example (in the living room even built) Ceiling cavity system. Not only in everyday games makes the headlamp for Children joy – even the secret reading under the covers, with nightly walks or camping comes this great tool to use.

“Children headlamp instead of a lack of lighting” is the motto when it comes to sports in the dark. Most children prefer the less secure mountain before functional bike. Thus they rely when driving in the dark to the light of the street lamps. But that sometimes is not enough, and obstacles be overlooked – the consequences could be crashes and injuries. To avoid this, the use of a headlamp for children would be perfect. They can be turned on by pressing a button and provides plenty of light on the road.

Brightest Headlamp

The Lupine Betty R X14 LED Headlamp lights now even brighter and with its incredible 4500 lumens is the brightest headlamp in the world. This luminous flux strength surpasses even that of cars xenon headlamps. It also brings with a light enough width of proud 350 meters. For athletes who pursue their hobbies in any weather, the brightest headlamp is optimal, because the housing is to a depth of 2 meters waterproof.

But one does not have to specify on the 4500 lumens, because Betty R model has 11 different brightness levels 30-4500 lumen and depending on claims should be adjusted the brightness, so that the battery lasts longer.

The battery itself is a Smart Core battery. The remaining capacity can be displayed by pressing a button. The Betty R is available in two different battery models.


The helmet lamp combines a light and a helmet that protects the head from injury.It is in mining, used on construction sites, but also in their free time. For example, a universal lamp act with a bicycle helmet as helmet lamp and ensure protection against serious head injuries, as well as from dangerous falls.

Fire Helmet Lamp

The areas of the fire department are very versatile and the equipment must provide good protection. For this reason, the fire helmet lamp needs much offer:

  • water resistance
  • Protection against knocks and bumps
  • heat resistance
  • explosion protection

Cost fire Helmet Lamp

Since the helmet lamps shall have many functions, they are slightly more expensive than regular headlamps. They are very high quality and durable and therefore partially have to be invested more 100 euros, but it’s worth it for sure.

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