Guide the Blinds: Learn to Choose the Right Type for Your Project

As the curtains, the blinds are important in the decoration and have the function of balance or sealing the light and maintain privacy of an environment. Some models allow for more precise control, can be controlled by wall panel, remote control or even by the computer.

The blinds also have thermal function, blocking unwanted incoming heat in summer and preventing the hot air outlet in cold climates, making it an excellent choice for environments exposed to the sun for much of the day.

Read more about the different types and models of blinds with the guide prepared by Hometeka, and price indication.

Types of Blinds

The horizontal blinds are the most chosen time to decorate a room. They can be formed by metal foils, wood, PVC or fabric. They do not fully seal the light (as blackouts), and therefore they allow ventilation circulate within the site.

Suitable for residential and commercial use, the vertical blinds also fall well in any space. They give a greater sense of right foot, especially in smaller or indoors.


The type custom roller blinds act as panels which, when collected, are rolled. Cleaner and practical visual feature. The most commonly used materials are solar screen – which controls the heat and filters the UV rays without blocking the natural light or ventilation – and vinyl (ideal for bedrooms because almost completely seals the room lighting when closed). Prices range from R $ 99.90 to R $ 539.90 , according to the film.


Roman blinds have a more classic look and interesting design, since they bend as they are suspended. They can be easily combined with any décor. Apart from fine fabrics such as silk and natural fibers can be wood, blackouts (blackout in Portuguese) or solar screen. For kitchens and service areas, for example, is not recommended Roman blinds fabric, to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grease. Prices range from R $ 189.90  and R $ 440.99.


The panel is a great solution for large spaces and gaps in passing. Vertical, have numerous options open and gathering. The top rail is virtually imperceptible, providing a clean look to the environment when this type is chosen. Although used less, the panels are versatile blinds and apply to all decorating styles.

Also available on the market panels made ​​of natural fibers, synthetic, and transparent solar screens.The values ​​start from R $ 128.30 / m².

Double Vision

As the name suggests, double vision type shutters to provide a double environmental vision, but alternate between translucent and opaque horizontal stripes. Ensure privacy and block sunlight without losing the exterior view and add a touch of elegance to the environment. You can buy your from R $ 190.00 / m².

Cell Cortina

Developed in 1985 in response to the energy crisis of the 1970s, cell curtains were an industry innovation. His model creates pockets within the cells, so that the environment is kept warm in winter and cool during the summer. Furthermore, the cell curtain provides thermal and acoustic comfort. Its design is inspired by the cells of a beehive, providing protection against UV rays. It also has anti-static property, which reduces the accumulation of dust. They are suitable for installations in vain, because they fit perfectly within limited spaces. Available in translucent and blackout fabrics.

The quality increases, but the price also: the values ​​start from  R $ 700.00.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For all models, it is recommended to dust with mop or dry cloth once a week. Every two weeks, clean with a vacuum cleaner, preferably with one brush nozzle. If the louver material accepted to be wet (like PVC), is allowed to pass a slightly damp sponge and mild soap. Never use abrasive products natural or synthetic fabric pieces ask for a more thorough cleaning, which must be done by a specialized company once a year. Another important precaution is to keep the blinds always taken that would leave the windows open because the wind can cause them to hit and entortem.


For installation of blinds there are two possibilities. The first is to install within the range of the window, where the measure should be snug space to decrease the cracks. Another possibility is to install the blind outside, overtaking the window aperture. The measurement should be performed leaving leftover 10 cm width for each side. At the time, the ideal is that the part is installed flush to the ceiling, through 20 cm below the window sill.

Curtain or Blind?

The curtains are associated with more classical and traditional decorations. In addition to being more difficult to wash, they end up occupying more volume and call for frequent maintenance. Already the blinds have been chosen in many architectural design and decoration due to the versatility, variety of materials and ease of handling and can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even in bathrooms. So, bet the blinds if the intention is to modernize the look of your home.