In February of last year published a study where he mentioned that Graphene leads better electricity than I thought. Today, the University of Manchester has announced the development of the first light bulb with Graphene, that if everything continues as planned will be available to buy in a matter of “months”.

According to the responsible for the project, Graphene bulbs have advantages against traditional bulbs and even LED bulbs: not only consumes 10% less electricity that these latest best leading electricity and heat, but it is also more cheap produce (and therefore will be cheaper for consumers) and expect to have a longer service life.

“Graphene bulb will use less energy and we hope that you last longer. Manufacturing costs are lower and uses sustainable materials,”explains one of its leaders

For now, that Yes, scientists they are very cautious and they do not give specific figures on the estimated cost, which will be one of these bulbs in a store and just “expect” that last longer, without specify in statements which were performed at the BBC. You will have to wait until you have them on the market to see if they do what they claim.

The first application of many

The University of Manchester, which is famous worldwide because it is isolated, for the first time in 2004, Graphene, has launched an initiative with which they hope to offer more commercial applications for this popular material There is much talk of that but whose practical applications for the end consumer are coming. Colin Bailey, Professor of this institution, is quite optimistic in this regard: “this bulb shows that Graphene products are becoming a reality just a decade later that was isolated for the first time, which is a very short period in scientific terms”.