Goodbye Candles and Flashlights! in a Cutting Electric Sengled Everbright Still Illuminating

Power cuts that forced us to use flashlights and candles to be able to continue normal life at home occurred before many times. Now that happens less and less, fortunately, but sometimes, during storms even passes above all in certain areas. The solution so let us not remain without light comes from the hand of the intelligent lighting, in this case with the new bulb LED Sengled Everbright to be presented at the international fair of between 2 and 7 September 2016 Berlin IFA consumer electronics.

Sengled Everbright combines a high-efficiency LED lamp with an integrated emergency light. In the case of a cut of electricity or defective fuses, this new LED bulb provides up to 3 and a half hours of light. This is possible thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery which is on constant charge during regular use. Do not you think a great idea?

Sengled Everbright It is illuminating when other conventional bulbs stop working. So already we won’t have to go looking for a flashlight, candles or a lighter to have light in the darkness. Thus Sengled Everbright can help find the problem in the fuse box, serve as safety on construction sites or make guide towards an open and safe space in case of emergency.

For the curious, Sengled Everbright is based on a very simple principle: the rechargeable battery is integrated in the housing of the LED light and charging through a conventional plug. With a regular power supply, the lamp provides light with 500 lumens brightness. In the case of a power outage, Sengled Everbright automatically reduces your lighting to 300 lumens. This allows the lamp to save valuable energy and can provide more than three hours of self-sufficient lighting.

Sengled Everbright is incredibly easy to install and use: LED lamp is connected to a standard power outlet to the just like a normal bulb, and it can be used normally through the light switch, without having to be controlled through an application. The LED can also distinguish if the light has been turned off using switch or due to a power outage.

As I said, Sengled Everbright will be presented at IFA 2016 and is expected to be available on the market from November 2016 with a price of 19.90 euro, that might not be as so we can afford it in all the House lights… But at least for some it seems a brilliant solution.