GE Arrives at The Party, Announces Its Intelligent Lights

In recent months we’ve seen a lot of manufacturers add to the idea of intelligent lighting with its own lights, and last we have knowledge that is GE, announced today its own smart bulb.

In detail, will be before three different models of LED bulbs, but all have the same capability be controlled from our smartphone through Wink, we know and lets other devices of our intelligent house control.

We will have a model A19, It promises to offer a 2700 K color temperature, will also be the model BR30 with the same temperature but thought to be recessed in the ceiling, and finally the model PAR 38 ideal for outdoors and with a 3000K color temperature.

Thanks to the use of the Wink application, GE promises that we could integrate the use and control of these bulbs with other devices to be controlled from the same application, for example a movement, or ambient light sensor.

Price and availability

These new smart GE bulbs will be available for pre-order from Monday to an initial price of $15. For now we do not know in which markets will be sold but it is almost certain that aim their arrival for the international.