Apple continues to drive his campaign ‘ Shot on iPhone 7’, and in this opportunity presented three new ads from the series ‘One Night’, which highlighted the ability of the latest iPhone to capture stunning images. On this occasion, the four clips have in common something important: noteworthy are the shots that you can get with the iPhone 7 in low-light environments.

Ads we also see that the artists tried to reflect the culture of each country and style of the people living in those places. In this way, Apple shows us the quality of photographs captured by a 7 iPhone in the main tourist sites of New York, Johannesburg and Shanghai.

As you can see, four video clips are 16 seconds, and in this space of time, the Apple company He gathered the best photos combined with the passage of time (or time-lapse) quick videos.

Finally, to leave you with the video of ‘One Night’ in Tokyo, where We can see the city in all its splendor under the low light of the different environments.