Flowers in Light Bulbs, a Surprising Trend Eastern Boho Chic

Decorate our homes with natural flowers create elegance in environments, some simple flowers can add a decorative turn any insignificant space. Are they normally use glass or porcelain vases in different sizes according to their use, but today you teach the art of decorating with fresh flowers and which, in turn, the container that supports them is very original. Flowers inside lights are all the rage.

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The Japanese Rie Okitsu artistia us has fallen in love with his series of vases originals. The flowers go into a light bulb with a threaded plug.

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This research artist creates the Flowerium company making these so special portafloreros. The inner liquid formula is secret, but what we do know is that within this process the flowers are frozen and entered into bulbs. The masterful liquid makes that they never wither. Says Rie Okitsu “I want that people enjoy the flowers and life with them, accompanying them in their day to day”. We can follow it in, where it shows your wonderful collection.

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These flowers are balanced and floating. Its petals and wild flowers have an intense and striking brightness. With them we can decorate large events and spaces like baths and tables centres, an endless possibilities to filled of charm with its colorful any environment that encourage us to decorate.