Flashlight Niteye JET2M-1100Lumens


Compact NIteye JET2M tactical light with quick locking of the rear lamp and type selection of mode by rotating the head, she develops a power of 1100 Lumens for 1½ hours with a range of 230 meters. The maximum range will affect 5 Lumens for 150 hours.

Operating mode:

To switch on the lamp, simply press the back button.
For only the active Turbo mode, turn the head of the lamp to the left.
To enable the other modes, turn the head of the lamp to the right.
With the ring to the right, double click quickly to change cyclically and move in the following modes: Fort / medium / low / Ultra low / strobe / SOS.
To lock the lamp, simply turn the button back so that the red dot is aligned with the padlock
It is also possible to lock the lamp when it is lit so she can not be extinguished.
It is also possible to lock the button so that you can only activate the momentary mode and certainly not light the lamp constantly (as soon as you release the button the light will turn off).


  • LED Cree XP-L HI with a service life of 50,000 hours
  • 4 regulated + Strobe and SOS light modes
  • 1100 lumens ANSI (1.5 h) brought 230 meters
  • 250 (4.5 h) ANSI lumens
  • 20 ANSI lumens (15 h)
  • 5 ANSI lumens (150 h)
  • Intensity: 13 800 cd
  • Battery: 2 batteries CR123 or 1 18650 battery
  • Made of aircraft quality aluminum alloy
  • Finishing: Anti-scratch anodizing Type III military grade hard
  • Hex head to avoid the rolling of the lamp
  • Crenellated bezel
  • Size: 150.1 mm (length) x 33.5 mm (diameter of the head) x 25.4 mm (diameter of the body)
  • Weight: 151g (without battery)
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 standard
  • Resistant to falls from a height of 1.5 metres.
  • Warranty 2 years

Box content

  • Lamp Niteye JET IIM
  • Belt clip

Optional accessories

  • Holster
  • Color filter
  • Aggressive crenelated bezel
  • Fixing picatinny
  • Fixing Cannon