Flashlight for Illuminating The Chaos of Your Bag

Surely that it has happened, and more with mega bags are trend lately. You need to find a fork, lipstick, your sachet… and your bag looks like a bottomless pit, dark, deep and chaotic.

There is no problem. With this flashlight you will be able illuminate the inside of your bag and find that lip balm lost in its bowels. Or keys. Or purse. Or mobile. Or…

The Lantern has a clamp or clip so you can hold it in one of the pockets of your bag. It is tiny, so no deal you lots of space, and also weighs little. It has a white light, type LED, which lights up by pressing.

Is adorned with crystals, but this time they are not of Swarovski, as clips or the tamponero of which I have spoken. It costs about 10 euros ($13) and carries three button cell batteries. I love!