Falcon Eye KC-2000, Camcorder That Boasts Revolutionary Night Vision

When we speak of night vision in video recording, These images come to us to head ranging from green to black, fair quality, based on infrared. In moderate prices forget colors and high resolutions, something that wants to solve a Japanese company called Komamura.

Komamura has just announced a so-called camera Falcon Eye KC-2000, that it boasts of record with guarantees in terms of night light. The camera not only sees in the dark, but it records full-colour and in format 720 p (30 images per second).

The results that we can see in the sample video are very good, and appears also compared with a camera Canon FS – 100, a model that we can not consider as professional or especially skilled in low light conditions, but has good performance. Let’s see it:

Unfortunately the Japanese company wanted to share only the appearance of the camera, few specifications and a sample. Did not want to reveal more details of what there is inside, not on its price and availability date. Interesting to note that your lenses are interchangeable, and the sensor type CMOS (2/3 “). Obviously much of the success of outlets it will have to be attributed to the brightness and quality of the employees objectives.

It is clear that Falcon Eye KC-2000 It will not be a gadget, and nor does it seem to be small, but it has aroused much curiosity in specialized media to know the technology used. Media or documentaries about nature seem to be two of the business where the camera can find good shelter.