Emergency Lantern of Panasonic Accepts Any Stack, Which Have Hand

If you are in an emergency it gives me that it will not have much time to think if you have batteries for a flashlight. In Japan, very sensitized and preparations to do so, they will have from this month of January a new flashlight capable of running on batteries that we have at hand.

The Panasonic Any Battery Light It supports through its special system batteries of the types AAA through D, and allow to operate even with a single AAA type. If we are cautious and fill all the holes for batteries of different sizes, we would have obtained a flashlight with autonomy for up to 86 hours. It is enough to change the provision through the system including by Panasonic.

The type of light used is LED, more than enough for an emergency situation and perfect for work with even the smallest of batteries. Your price will be about $ 25 to change. Comes out at the end of this month of January in Japan.