Dodge The Jet-Lag with Flash LED of Your Mobile Phone and The App Sleep as Android

If you ever have experienced the Jet-lag, you will know that it is a sense of how unpleasant that can also extend for several days if you’ve traveled very far. Pharmacies can find remedies for the headache or fatigue that causes, but to prevent its emergence is another matter entirely, so far.

Based on a study carried out by the Standford University, the developer of the popular Sleep as Android app team, has implemented a new feature that helps to prevent jet lag by compensating our circadian rhythms, How? By flashes of light while we sleep.

What is Jet-lag?

Jet lag is a syndrome caused by the hourly decompensation, usually when we travel (especially to distant destinations), although it can also affect workers with night shifts or schedules changing, such as on-call doctors or carriers.

When our body’s circadian rhythm is interrupted, there is a confusion between our internal clock and real time

When our body’s circadian rhythm is interrupted, there is a confusion between our internal clock and real time. As we add or subtract hours, we can meet with a terrible dream all day or can not paste eye when night comes. Among the symptoms that can occur are headache, fatigue, lack of attention and even gastrointestinal problems,.

Light as a remedy

Until now, treatment with continuous light was the most widely used method and is believed also that more effective. To avoid jet lag, before traveling patients are exposed to a source of bright light for several hours While they are awake so that the body is gradually accustomed to the change of cycle. Thus the effects are minimized, but the latest study from Stanford University reveals that it is not the best choice.

Instead of applying a continuous light source, they tried the same method with flashes of light and discovered that the results improved markedly

The expert responsible for the study discovered that the light treatment is more cash while we sleep, Since the circadian rhythm is more sensitive at night. You have your eyes closed is a problem, since light passes through the eyelids and get the same effect. In addition, instead of applying a continuous light source, tried the same method with flashes of light and they discovered that the results improved markedly.

Patients who were exposed to flashing light (flashes of 2 milliseconds in 10 second intervals) came to adjust their sleep cycle up to two hours, while patients who applied the continuous light just compensated for 36 minutes. Scientists call it “biological hacking”, since they can mislead the biological brain clock that you believe it is awake when still we sleep.

As Android combat Jet-lag with your mobile phone and Sleep

Sleep as Android is an old known Google Play tent. Years ago we told you about this strange app which is responsible for studying our sleep cycles using the sensors of your mobile phone, to awaken us in a cycle of light sleep where we aren’t so exhausted.

Sleep as Android has many functions such as the prevention of snoring, night recording for the most talkative and even lullabies that will help you fall asleep. The function that interests us is called Jet lag prevention located in the menu settings and which by the way still is in beta phase.

For that to be effective, We must begin to use Sleep as Android a few days before the trip. The number of days depends on the number of hours of difference, if for example we are going to travel to Hong Kong, which is a 6 hours difference, we will have to start to prepare six days earlier.

Choose the time zone for the destination and calculate the days needed to adjust, simply that you place your phone on the bedside table upside down, in a way that LED flash. Sleep as Android recommends placing the device near the face to make it more effective, but to get the best effect, you can appeal to bulb Philips Hue or the Sleep mask that you offer on your website.

If you are going to travel and want to try the new feature of Sleep as Android, we bring you the information and links above to download the application.

Sleep as Androidvaria according to the device

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