DIY: Opening The Bulb GU10 8W Cob Rled

Seeing the results of the previous blog entry and that the new model of bulb Rled Cob gave less light than the previous model, I noticed in Matt diffuser that has this bulb if it was the cause of the reduction of intensity in the light that gives:

This diffuser has the advantage that blurs the led light and does not bother so much at the sight.

Looking as it is mounted, it seems it is simply inserted under pressure with three plastic pins.

With a very thin screwdriver, by inserting it through the hole and pry with another screwdriver carefully pulling out you can remove the plastic cover from the diffuser Matt and view led:

At least you can see that the led is mounted on thermal paste (one extends little by where wires enter) and is held in place by the plastic lid which in turn holds with two screws.

What does not is the reflector around led had another bulb Rled, although the truth that either need you to because when turns on all plastic is illuminated so much light that it gives.

With the open light, taking new measures the intensity of light that gives and surprise! :

Without the diffuser, the average amount of light increases 27%, you can check the ranking of bulbs, where this open bulb gives virtually the same light that the Rled Cob 8W 3000 K which had the “diffuser” transparent.

On the left the picture of the light that gives light bulb on the right without the diffuser and diffuser:

You can even see without light, with the light on pointing to a white wall and putting and removing front diffuser looks at first glance as it varies the light intensity.

And the next test of temperature, after half an hour on some points of light bulb is they reach 74.5 ° C, but does not reach 80 ° C reached when it was “closed”. It seems that when in contact with air own led is not heated so much.

Therefore, according to ledbulbbay, at the end this LED light bulb does seem to fit the same type of led and gives the same amount of light as the other Rled Cob I testeé whenever we release you matte plastic diffuser (remember not to look it directly when it is turned on) and at the same time also contributes to not heat up so much.

It is curious to see that a thing like the diffuser Matt (which in theory is an advantage for the view) at the end just by reducing the amount of light and increasing the temperature of the bulb.

That Yes, still maintaining the quality of materials used has fallen on the other Rled and that this bulb weighs less, sounds “hollow” instead of “solid”, heats up more, but is also much cheaper.