Daylight Entrance, an LED Panel That Mimics The Natural Light

The natural lighting It is one of the most important things in the architecture. Most of the great masters have highlighted, among other things, for a magnificent handling of light; both flood rooms with her or when creating tears in rooms in darkness.

However, today it looks like a lost art. Attending many other reasons, forgetting windows are placed in houses the important thing is the natural light for the human being. If a cloudy day change we face, imagine living in a room only with artificial lighting.

Aware of this problem, the Swede Daniel Rybakken has designed Daylight Entrance, an led panel that mimics natural light, as if slinks through a window. A good idea to complement to the classical Hall without windows or that as dark room lighting. Moreover, as it is made of led bulbs, you spend very little power, although we are sure that if you manufacture, it would not be too cheap.

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