Chanel High Couture Autumn-Winter 2011 / 2012: Night of Any Light and Several Shadows for Karl Lagerfeld

Questions, criticism, praise … Menuda Haute Couture We are having. After the bump that Dior gave hopes were in the most popular firm of all those that joined in proposing their most exclusive ideas. Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld command returned to their Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012.

To return to the winter could mean the return of this apocalyptic idea that left us in the Paris fashion week, with which I was on the side of the detractors. With the cruise 2012 collection I returned to trust that the next collection would be something interesting but after seeing it again reserve me my praise.

Remember what proposed at the current high Couture spring/summer 2011 we see the basics of Chanel against a slightly riskier idea in this current collection that still sees a dark winter, too by time, a sad winter, no apparent hope for some designs, so there seems to be two camps: the typical looks of the French House and those who seek to play the Haute Couture.

In the first we find the timeless French tweed or three-piece sets composed of a perfect jacket.

Ideas in a Fuchsia pink to avoid both domain of the muted colors. The only concession to color came even in total looks where excess of Fuchsia in any detail in the form of sparkles was already over.

If for a few seasons, not many, talked about the inspiration of Moscow, Napoleon and others concerning military now dresses mingle with shelters to keep extending this idea.

The transparencies they entered the long dresses, in tops that Freja Beha Erichsen, as in other designs in the form of dresses where me yes I liked Chanel.

The vision of black and white, a little feminine woman, who seems to be immersed in a Gothic world, is something that still make these movements by the German designer. Alexander McQueen It is who was facing this world with greater elegance, here among fliers, musketeer boots, fringe and flights lost that touch.

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