Bulbs That Light Up with The Mobile, Flexible Television and Speakers of Design in Engadget Smart Screens Home

You have to see what is working from the CES in las Vegas this year. In the Overview of Xataka Smart Home last week saw the proposals of curved televisions that have made many brands, but there are some who go further and a 105-inch flexible screen TV. Yes Yes, you read well, flexible, although I do not know very well what.

On the other hand, this week also has brought us anything new in terms of home automation is concerned, as for example new WeMo Smart LED bulbs from Belkin, which allow us to turn them on and off them, schedule them and much more with our mobile phone.

In the design section this week I would like to highlight the beautiful speakers and sound equipment We are taught in Xataka Smart Home:

  • To begin with, we have known the new BeoSound Essence, a team with remote control that Bang & Olufsen has opted for extreme simplicity.
  • Not far behind the wireless speaker Harman Kardon Aura, inspired by the design of the classic Sounsticks line.
  • On the other hand, if we are looking for a sound bar that makes the base times for TV you can opt for this interesting proposal of Focal Dimension.
  • To finish I can offer Crescendo, the new team of wireless audio Martin Logan, which combines a design that fits in most classic decorations with the latest technology.