Bulbs-Smart, Taking Advantage of IBeacon at Home and All The News from InnoFest in Engadget Smart Home

This fortnight is interesting in Xataka Smart Home, because they have visited InnoFest 2014, an event held in Venice where LG has presented their new products for the European market, such as its new TVs or its new range of appliances for this year.

Also Korean brand are the new LG Smart Bulb, compatible with Android and iOS smart light bulbs to join the increasingly more number group of brands that offer bulbs that you can control from our phone or tablet, turning or going on that we want at will.

Not leaving aside our phones and tablets because in Xataka Smart Home also raise us an interesting reflection: are Android and iOS for the games in the living room?, but personally I think that the use of our phone can give much play with ideas such as Placed, that leverages the Apple iBeacons home to automate actions, that turns off the light of the table if we got up from the sofa.

We ended this summary to the best of Xataka Smart Home with a very bright news, as manufacturer believes has put on sale a 100 watt LED bulb – i.e., equivalent to a 100W – incandescent but that it consumes only 18. Good news for those who want lots of light and low consumption.