BlackBerry Is More Alive Than Ever and at CES Is Proving It

Very surprised we are left before the reception among the public of the Blackberry at CES 2010 booth. The halls, which has triumphed have been Blackberry teams, which won by a landslide (by what we have seen in the first two days) to the iPhone and other terminals. Truth is that these days, executives are the great mass.

And there RIM was placing its equipment in view of the world. There was only a remarkable novelty, the Blakcberry Presenter, which he liked, and seems an excellent idea that works very well and sure that there will be in love with more than one fan submissions. But RIM had a lot to prove and he has done so.

Of the presence of RIM at CES 2010 We are left mainly with these notes:

  • Variety of devices. RIM has put on the Board in the past years a wide range of equipment. Differ little between them, some up to costs to determine which mode is, but they offer as many possibilities as there are users.
  • Applications everywhere. Even without the impact of others who write for best known as Android or iPhone OS platforms, services, and applications that are created for the Blackberry environment have been very present. The best of them is that they work and actually serve for something. There are no counters star or applications that make the phone a flashlight chupabaterias. We especially liked Xobni, application which leads to the Blackberry platform the idea that brands like Motorola or HTC carry with your custom Android interface and in which the contacts come grow your list of data from social networks.
  • Useful accessories. In addition to the Blackberry Presenter, we saw how worked the transmitter stereo to listen to the music of our smartphone on a desktop or the attractive handsfree car sound system. In addition, the range of small accessories like pillowcases has grown exponentially, not to mention customizations of color equipment.

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