Audi has just presented Swarm, a very interesting concept of illumination for automobile based on technology OLED. Something tells us, however, that the showy creation of the German company, if you arrive to become popular is of those good ideas that end up generating a visual nightmare at the hands of the drivers of more dubious taste.

Swarm consists of, basically, replace the taillights of the car with a curved surface OLED as that of a TV. Conveniently scheduled, this surface is capable of replicating by brake lights or turn signals light patterns changing direction and intensity following the movements of the vehicle.

The problem? Apart from the cost, that probably is not cheap, the most obvious objection is that beautiful patterns that form the light can be one distraction more than an improvement in the alert drivers who follow us, at least until we get used to seeing them.

Audi says that the system can display all kinds of images and basic information of traditional bulbs can be complemented with indicators on the speed or the State of the traffic. We wonder how much would take to hack Swarm to be able to display on the ornate Bluebell flames or nothing caring messages to drivers who do not respect the safety distance.