With both mobile, Tablet and gadget at home never hurt to have some extra plug allow us to recharge our devices not requiring all of the wall or having to rely on huge and little aesthetic strips.

PowerBulb proposes us a different approach to the conventional, is an LED bulb that makes the times of USB charger to which we can connect two devices at the same time.

The bulb itself comes in the classic format E26 / E27 Cap with aluminum housing to better dissipate heat. Delivers a power of 7 watts with an intensity of 608 lumens and a useful life of 50,000 hours. It also has a built-in button to turn on and turn off the light while still charging which is a point in its favor.

Price and availability

PowerBulb is seeking funding on Kickstarter with the intention of going on sale in December of this year at a price of 29 dollars.