Angus Noble Indium Smart Flashlight, The First Programmable Flashlight

In these times it is much easier to be the famous “hero” action than in the early 1980s, and inventions such as which we present below corroborate this statement.

The Angus Indium Smart Flashlight is the first programmable flashlight in the world, and also includes FM radio and metal detector. Made of rugged materials, front and rear hoops are made of stainless steel and mounted on an aluminium body.

Projected light allows to be custom through the implementation of own interfaces via computer through GUI and other menus, as well as to change the LED to modify the power and the same color (3 watt, 5 Watt, K2…). We can also schedule a MORSE code through a text box that appears when you select this option. All the text in it automatically will be translated into language MORSE.

If you are concerned thinking that software or any of the components of the Angus Indium Smart Flashlight can become obsolete, forget to get rid of it; You can change the parts that you want without changing the headlight itself.

You can find it in stores within can find it in stores from mid-November for about $350.