Alien Isolation and Other 14 Games That Have Given Us Real Terror

Nature I gifted with one of its best supports so that living beings can anticipate dangers, fear. It has given me that and two springs perfectly integrated in the segment of the genetic code on my butt, so I startle not only I, but also those who are to my around, whenever I am faced with a film, or worse still, a horror game.

With a feeling that should resemble the masochism, I enjoy whenever I am faced with one of its scares, jump from the Chair and the other Mosque is lamenting is not the game or the tape that frightens them, but my lifting of the sofa whenever music surprises with a sudden cut accompanied by a rise in volume. Today I want to take those jumps several seats beyond, to you, brave, and I do collecting 14 horror games to painted your upcoming nightmares.

The perfect horror game

I have always noted a difference between films of scares and terror. I understand, but better to jump to my camp until someone decides to jump to comments to pull the hairs. The perfect horror game you don’t scare, they help create atmosphere, clear, but what really makes it an experience capable of shredding the courage of John is tension.

To sample one of the latest releases of the “videojueguil”, Alien Isolation scenario (here analysis), which leads to the space to sign an exact replica of the feelings invoked in the film of Ridley Scott. The sound of the breath of the xenomorph through each ventilation duct, its steps to crawl by the grill you over the head, the shadow that may or may not, and above all be completely defenseless against a mob of two meters with two mouths that takes several hours trying to give you hunting.

What really produces AWE is to believe that you are safe until you hear a new noise and that noise is something constant, forcing you to look left and right not only when you are going to cross the street, but when you go to do anything by nimia to be. If a developer get that atmosphere, the scares are least, You can to that end even causing by non-game elements, as for example be fully focused against any of these Fourteen games and to sound the Bell House. Happened to me. You will pass.


Frictional Games came with the lesson learned after working on the twilight saga and the first title in the franchise Amnesia The Dark Descent, They showed that they knew to play with the mind of the player as few had done to date. It is not surprising that the title became a success and a sack of Youtubers aireasen his cowardice in the network.

Helmets and dim light is everything you need to make in a first-person view goals you in the shoes of the protagonist, looking for items that illuminate the dark rooms and planning the flight towards a closet if you hear a noise and your mind decides to believe that someone coming to get you. It is very likely that it is not so, but when you get used to the situation and it does not cost you open a door without thinking about it for several seconds, bicho foul to two spans of your face and change your molting.

Clock Tower

A crazy murderer with a giant pair of scissors is all that made him missing to the Japanese human to give life to one of the most legendary of the videogame world and make the first Clock Tower for Super Nintendo you elevate to the category of classic of the genre.

Hard to get into a situation in these times that run, but that adventure with characters from slow and crazy step gardener scissors, forgot the weapons alone in the Dark to let us completely defenseless against the dangers of the game. It would close the paragraph with a run or die, but it was inevitable to live in your meat both actions.


Ghosts, zombies, or offspring of Cthulhu, Condemned was the playground of killers and junkies that were in charge of inviting you jump out of the Chair in a dark enough atmosphere so that losing your flashlight was much worse that running out of bullets in the Chamber.

Action focused precisely on that, to introduce you to investigate an environment in which firearms were limited or were in the hands of your enemies. If they spent ammunition, all you could do to put an end to them was to take advantage of the stock to get rid of the rest of the attackers. A sinister and twisted twist to that of “every bullet counts”.

Dead Space

We are momentarily back to space (although it will not be the last time of the text) to embark on the Odyssey of Isaac Clark and ship Ishimura, a twist in the style of key cards and little ammunition of Resident Evil hand of EA, which rose ingenious one 2008 creating two of its most acclaimed latest sagas: Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space that occupies us.

None worked as they had hoped, and although the first will retrieve it with a fairly continuous sequel in the coming years, the spirit of the space horror survival ended perverting in two deliveries later leaving aside terror to make way for the action. You can ignore those attempts to make profitable franchise if you wish, but the first Dead Space It is an essential jewel that is among the best titles of the past generation.


With a play on words that is subtitulaba as First Encounter Assault Recon, Monolith Productions took provided the figure of the character Samara in The Ring (Sadako in the original Japanese version) to give life to the soul, a ghost that a team of special forces had to face.

The influences of Japanese cinema is not limited to the enemy in the game, also marked its settings and even the way in which the development team wanted to disturb was that behind the screen with dark themes that were going in crescendo to end in a deathly silence, deceiving ourselves with the idea that he was about to pass something so that the tension through its halls would be constant.

Project Zero

Always I have been funny these people who cover their eyes with their hands when they perceive that a scare is coming on screen. If you are going wrong, get to something else, I said, so the idea of Project Zero, Fatal Frame in the original version, it seems to me especially bloody with that kind of public.

In this saga must face the ghosts that populate their games facing them instead of running with the tail between the legs, and not only that, to stop them you must do it with an old camera that does not support a barrage of shots, a slow spool reload, or press the trigger and look the other way , since should charge attack while keeping focused to the spectrum probably until this decided to pounce on you.


Rockstar decided to abandon its path slightly to give life to a game that turned into something similar to pornography to any teenager. Inspired by the psychological terror and the snuff films, you finished playing it in secret, with the door closed and the fear that your parents you discovered and were thinking that his son was a psychopath.

I do not blame them, they went to see us jump on mushrooms with a plumber to witness murders in cold blood choking enemies with a plastic bag, so that could be said is that it is one of those games that is only suitable for stomachs with fortitude.


We planted one of the most recent recommendations and, therefore, who write these lines do not fear that you finish changing the fear by the laughter from a sack of pixels like fists. Outlast It is the game that many start and few end up, attracted by the curiosity and frightened by an abandoned psychiatric in which every corner can become the perfect gateway to a new start.

On this occasion we are approaching the world of the cinema of the genre of the found footage, to survive the darker rooms of the hospital will have to do it with night vision camera that we carry on our backs, the style of the film paranormal encounters (Grave Encounters).

Resident Evil

Yes, I also include me in the Group of those who believe that Capcom zombie franchise has gone completely astray, but deliveries of PSX and that hand classic eternal called Resident Evil 4, the siege of Raccoon City was the perfect setting to jump from the Chair every few minutes.

He lost consciousness at the same pace the developers introduced new weapons and ammunition became something almost infinite, but nothing can take away already those couch breaks caused by hands that bursting barricades and crows that crossed windows. That and flee from Tyrant, of course. To see if the flight back with the remake and Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Silent Hill

More Japanese terror and another example of sagas who can’t stay afloat against success. Nevertheless its collection of monsters and scenarios, mere cliches but also elements able to be later included in that category, were enough to terrorize a whole generation of players.

Now aim to return to big, with a new installment in which will work (we will see to what extent) two geniuses like Hideo Kojima and Guillermo de el Toro. Their demo, called T.D., (Playable Teaser) is available from the last E3 in PS4 and have to recognize that they have achieved its goal, get hair like hooks.

Forbidden Siren

Crazy Japanese very few willing to laugh thanks to tourists in a village left in the hand of God. Look good and is even better. During the virtual course of three days we control several characters who must escape from the village and avoid a Deviled Japs army to rise up to destroy everything in its path.

Damn, dead sounds that just arose despite lying down with a hammer dozens of times and the possibility of possessing the enemy to see if you’re as sufficiently well hidden in the dark.


I know at what point the urban legends jumped girl bend or jam from Ricky Martin to the suicicio of Squidward or the figure of Slender, a dressed individual with very long arms and a sickeningly special affection for children.

The character, considered the first great urban legend of the internet era, did not hesitate to make a hole between the collective imagination and also served as the inspiration for several titles of terror that we released in a dark forest with the sole purpose of collecting materials avoiding to figure.

System Shock

The period in which Warren Spector met the expectations of the public (Epic Mickey’s hurt, for what we are going to deceive), comes the proof that the ghost stories long ago left the castles and abandoned houses to move to more futuristic scenarios.

Mixture of RPG and action, both System Shock its sequel (also of another genius at its best, Ken Levine) does not focus your objective in scare the player, but the environment malrollero who lives at all times they make both titles recommended options for fans of embarrassed in front of a screen.

The 7th Guest

The 7th Guest was (and is, that it ended up coming to iOS) an adventure in which the puzzle were mixed with scenes of real action in charge of actors on a prerenderizado background. One of these Titanic developments of the era that set a precedent for similar proposals that would come after.

It had a sequel called The 11th Hour and last year sought to recover the saga with two financing projects in mass that ended the cancelled by not receiving sufficient support. You’re not going to throw you a week without being able to sleep after playing it, but it is certainly the classic games of terror with which should be closed selection.


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