5 Errors and Hits in Residential Lighting

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5 Errors and Hits in Residential Lighting 1

This time, the cameraman of our YouTube channel, gave an idea super interesting: we talk about environments right and wrong, from the analysis of photos of residential lighting.

As always topamos a challenge, we accept this idea! Let’s see here the errors and successes committed in each project. The idea is to not only help you to have a look at the most critical, but also to open a space here in the Emporium of Light. If you want to have your environment, or ideas of the environment analyzed by us, talk to us! We will be pleased to help.

Anyway, let’s go!

1 – Environment with Pending

The first environment is one based on outstanding, with the classic Drop-down Bossa-Nova appearing in its structure. The table is white, having a composition cool with the chairs. In the rear there is a light spot, it being possible to use frames or other elements to focus on.

The scene in question does not have many elements, not just one swiss cheese which is always criticized. This drop-down used to the right is interesting because it throws the focus on the table, but also throw indirect light upward, taking advantage of well the luminous element.

On the left there are two more pending, the use of the color yellow and demolition wood. There are dichroic ceiling and a mirror on the wall. Perhaps this dicróica it is not the best idea because the focus light it will be the head of the person, and not some point of the environment itself, which is not due, as we have already talked about in this video.

One of the 5 most common mistakes in lighting is to have many of the elements together. In the room we already have two pending beautiful. Have 4 in the same environment just became too much. Perhaps the two pendants on the left could be modified to a plafon or other piece more simple, not to attract a lot of attention.

I believe that also would not place those embedded in the middle, so that the focus would not be on the minds of people. And if it is not LED,worse still, that will take heat up to them. No one wants such a situation in the house, is not the same?

2 – american Kitchen

This kitchen has plenty of lighting elements. Many outstanding and some plafons more stretched also. It is a well-equipped kitchen in american style, being that the person appears to love the lighting, after all she used almost everything that you could. The positive side is that the color tone is more yellow, ranging from 3000K to 4000K, which makes sense for a kitchen to host friends and family.

The pendants above the countertop are also ok, giving a decorative look. What ends up bothering are the 4 plafons.Is with that air of the hotel. It would be interesting to use something more slim and linear, up to that the design of the architecture could be accompanied. The same round pegs could be used, provided that they are to be thin, and to give more prominence to the two pending.

The side-lighting has the idea of giving amplitude to the environment. The fact of using tapes of LED around the whole kitchen was not a smart decision. Up under the sink! When people are seated at the table in the center, until the legs of them will be lit. Instead of so many tapes, it could be chosen one or two points to which they were used.

If you look in the middle of the photo, you can see who has a more behind the scene. It is hidden and no lighting. The ideal would be to have something that focused on the product, such as a dicróica. To know the right choice, it would be necessary to measure the distance pro ceiling.

5 Errors and Hits in Residential Lighting 2

3 – Other american cuisine

This kitchen looks a little with the other. The chandelier is well americanized, with glass on the ends. The proper type of glass is reminiscent of a tone from the colonial period. The bench is unclear, with wood tones of the cabinet planned. In this case, the lighting of the spots are to direct the light of the items that you have inside of the cabinets, illuminating the doors of the same, and the tapes LED complement the shade that your own closet is on the bench.

The technique used, in this case, it was work around the sink with a few spots, illuminating as well the bench.However, there are two that are lighting up only the top part of the cabinet, which decreases their usefulness. Despite being well prepared, they should be placed a little more to the front.

Another point of divergence is the drop down in the top of the faucet. I believe that he could very well vanish away without giving prejudice to the work.
We could replace it by a spot, directing the light in this place of work.

5 Errors and Hits in Residential Lighting 3

4 – Kitchen Clean

Already this kitchen is more clean than the others. This is cool because it gives a expanded in the light, since the floor is white. Up there is less reflectance, since the sink and the other elements of the decoration are darker. There are only two spots with three lamps on the ceiling.

Good, these parts are for incidental lighting. However, since there are three lamps, they will create a ball of light, as they are together. It is possible to realize this on the floor of the kitchen. You can see that they come far if you look at the hood and the light that is present in it.

The problem is that the sink does not have any lighting to put that in evidence. Being the place of work of the kitchen, this is a mistake that can’t happen when talking about lighting. It would be interesting to change the spots for three individual parts, according to the size of the sink.

Working on angulation and height would be possible to illuminate both the sink as the other areas of the kitchen. In this video the Bruno Mantovani explains a little better as the Emporium of Light makes this type of study.

I believe that would be good for a spot of R70 or mini-dicróica in the chart above the sink to give a more highlight to the frame. And put another spot in the plant in the right corner of the image.

5 – Environment monochrome

The last environment is something more monochrome, by following a few shades of color. However, lack color, and when it speaks, we’re also talking about lighting. In the picture it is possible to see only a chandelier, with crystals falling, above the round table. Despite not give to see the whole environment, it gives to understand which elements are missing lighting.

The space has a low reflectance for the dark. The bulbs chosen for this chandelier are not the ideas because it gives a light effect and not a light itself. In the background you can see the sofa, not being able to see spots or anything that will put more colors in it.

There is a detail, concealed in the cornice that looks like LED strip. If it is, it would make more sense, since it gives a good support on the lighting. But either way, the environment asks for more lighting. There are people who make the concealed to accompany the drawing on the table, which is a good idea that can be applied.

And there, liked what he saw? The idea is that you feel inspired to send us case studies of your projects or ideas to help, giving an expert opinion. If you want, contact us and learn more about how a good lighting can be made. Hugs and until the next text!