4 Facts About the LED

Who are you going to do a new addition to your home or trade always search in several places to make sure you’re making the right choice. Price, quality, references, all are factors that influence the purchase.

Facts About the LED

When it comes to LED (For other LED acronyms, check ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG), it’s the same. People want to have all the information to get the best product possible.

We are specialists in LED lighting designs and we know every detail about this subject. We work with this technology with a lot of passion, so we want to share with you four facts that will help you make the best decision at the time of purchase.

1. The LED helps keep food fresh

Researches have proved that, if left exposed in a place with LED, contains fewer bacteria after a given time than if you were exposed to ordinary light bulbs. This may be explained because the LED does not emit ultraviolet rays or heat, the temperature of the environment and the surface where the food remain regular, preventing the growth of bacteria in food. This fact is important for establishments such as restaurants and supermarkets, as are places where the quality of the food is essential.

led lamp

2. LED lamps do not attract insects

Insects such as mosquitoes and flies are attracted by the infrared spectrum that many types of lamp emit, which contributes to the transmission of diseases. With the LED, you don’t need to worry about it since it will not attract insects. You can enjoy a foreign environment without discomfort.

3. The LED can last for years

The longest life among the lighting systems is awarded to LED. While traditional lamps need to be replaced frequently, LED a prolonged shelf life, between 3 and 10 years depending on your use. If you are in an establishment that works 12:00 am a day, the LED will last less time, because it will reach the amount of hours of your life more quickly.

Already in a residence, which usually only lights the lamps at night, the LED will definitely last longer, because it will take longer to achieve the amount of hours on your life.

Led Lamps 4

4. LED does not burn

Unlike fluorescent lamps or bulbs, which can burn easily (humidity, bad contact, bad socket or circuit sharing), the LED, in normal conditions of temperature and with correct installation, does not burn. He is an electronic technology, so it’s pretty hard to stop working suddenly. Learn more about the precautions when storing and use LED bulbs.

Convince Your Customers to Purchase Led Lamps


The LED is already the reality of lighting products throughout the country. The advantages and accessibility of the product, collaborate directly with the growing demand for LED bulbs and currently, not only the large markets of lighting have offered LED bulbs on the shelves.

Convenience stores, grocery stores, armarinhos, etc., has invested in the product, as to encourage the customer to purchase is not a difficult thing, analyzing their needs and searching for the product.

led lamp 2

Why buy LED bulbs?

The LED lamp has a potential for economic, sustainable, and beneficial to health and the environment unmatched.

The bulbs stopped being sold some time ago, and even replaced by fluorescent, they have been less popular in the market because of the technology and economic of the LED.

The changes in the flags tariff that alter the value of the electricity bill has become more frequent and so appreciate the savings full-time is a concern of people. An LED lamp can reach today to save 90% in energy costs.

The economy is not the only advantage of LED lamps, has the durability that can be 3 times greater than other types, has the social responsibility to health and sustainability, because they do not produce pollutants or toxic, the variety of models, and greater security in the use of the equipment.

Advantages for the reseller:


The first advantage is the growing interest and demand for the product. The popularity has made the price more affordable for the consumer and the cost-benefit of the product still remains high and satisfactory.

Brand recognition

Dealers of LED products of the G-light has the advantage of offering customers a product from the recognized brand on the market, legitimised by bodies such as Inmetro, and with a great variety of models.

Variation of models

The variety of models of greater chance for different profiles of consumers interested. Since models that are more conventional to the more specific such as light bulbs for the light fixture, reflector, tubular, among others.

led lamp 3

What the dealer G-light gain of benefit:

– Own logistics delivery

The G-light is responsible for the deliveries, avoiding confusion with the outsourcing of transportation.

– Reset responsive stock

Without delay and delays to applicants, the replacement of the goods is made quickly before your stock runs out.

– Right to exchange defective products

Presenting the invoice of the product, the retailer can carry out the exchange of defective products.

Advantages for the buyer:


Although a small difference value, the advantages of the LED make the investment much more into account. In addition to saving power consumption, the durability of the LED can reach up to 50 thousand hours, avoiding the constant exchange of the equipment.


A lot of talk on sustainability in the current days. To avoid the environmental pollution has become a target of consumers, because the negative impacts caused by not taking care of the environment has shown serious consequences.

Led Lamps 5

Certificate of Inmetro

LED lamps (G-light have approval from Inmetro which guarantees the truthfulness of the information placed on the packaging, as the duration and luminous flux. In addition, to approve a lamp to the market Inmetro apply tests that ensure the quality of the product in aspects such as human health and preservation of the environment.

How to facilitate/encourage the purchase for the customer:

To improve your sales you can use the techniques of organization and persuasion succinct.

– Position in the right place

Usually, people do not go to the market only to buy lamps, but when they find the product remember that you need to, in these cases the ideal is to position the product in a location that, inevitably, people iaô circular, near the box, for example.

– Put information on the advantages of the product

Present the advantages of the product so that people will understand why he is on the shelf. In addition to the recommendation by word of mouth that you can do if you know the product.

– Explain how it works

Especially for those who will buy, but also to people who show an interest is effective to pass all the information, because they may be critical for the client to take the product.


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